Colors …as seen…

The magnificent view of tulip Gardens from the movie Silsila, mustard fields from the movie DDLJ and many more Bollywood movies have enthralled us with colors. Mother Earth, the sun, the moon, the sky bestows with an abundance of natural colors; even the grass sums up to the glamor. Colors, for me, is a refreshment to the mind. Just imagine a life without colors? It is difficult to just have a thought and imagination is way far!!
I, always treasure my fabulous birthday celebration in New Hampshire in the USA way back in Autumn 2008. Autumn season in New Hampshire is an epitome of its beauty; color capped mountains made me wonderstruck! The yellow, red, pink and orange-colored leaves give a different definition of natural beauty in autumn. We had a 4 days trip to Concord in New Hampshire and had the privilege to capture the captive beauty within ourselves.

Glimpses of the charmer:IMG_2242-COLLAGE

I, adore the sky on an early bright sunny day, pleasant to the eyes and gives a message to dive thyself and forget all the qualms. And the cotton like clouds here and there enhance the sky’s beauty. They seem like cotton candy and form a story for each formation of the clouds. The same blue sky as the sun sets; the twilight is a treat to the eyes. I, personally love the sight of the twilight. And yes, not to miss out the delightful dark blue sky in the night with the white twinkling stars.

Vibrant colors like red energize one’s mind. Kumkum(made of dried turmeric powder and other materials) is red, a religious mark in India. Devotees praise Hindu deities with red kumkum. Married women in Hindu culture wear on their forehead.
Green is mother nature and good for eyes. With the onset of closed room jobs, doctors recommend to look out for green for healthier eyes. A fresh bloom of leaves in spring is a treat to watch. Leaves wither out and bloom with the new hope in life.The pleasure of morning walk with a lot of trees is so blissful very hard to find one in a city like Bengaluru. My personal favorite color is green. I always end up with a green dress of different shades. Green bangles are worn by the married woman as it amplifies the beauty.

Yellow, turmeric is yellow. Indian meals are never complete without turmeric usage. Turmeric is deep yellow and boosts the meal with good color and medicinal value. Ripe Mango is a present to the taste buds and to the eyes.

White is a sober color but gives an immense message and preaches for peace. Our political leaders are always dressed in white(sarcasm hidden)!

Black is lovely. Doctors advise avoiding black during summers. Black is a favorite color for weight watchers.It enhances the beauty of the person and makes them look elegant and slim. Some religions avoid black as it indicates bad omen.

Not to forget, India’s most observed Holi festival, is full of colors. People blend in all colors to symbolize all are equal.

Out of comfort zone/Quintessential Change

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All the planetary objects have to evolve and revolve for the life to prosper. Without change, there is no possibility of living life to the fullest.

A wandering soul enjoys its freedom and as God destined, comes into the womb for a new life to flourish.

My life inside the womb accustomed with the warmth of my mother; it was time, I had to come to face the BIG world.

I grew in the confines of mother’s arms as a shy introvert kid; it was time, to join school.

I grew in the confines of my beloved books and a few treasured friends; it was time, to explore the BIG world and earn my living!

I grew, my earning was good and treasured immensely the bachelor life; it was time, marriage was on my cards.

I grew, flew to the States; left parents with gloomy eyes.

I grew, had an earning in “The States”,  imbued in the happiness; it was time,a sense of void settled. I wanted to move to my state and adieu “The States”.

I grew, I’m the Mother, the entire encyclopedia for my kids. It is time, I need to enhance my identity not only as a mother but as the “working” mother!

Change is a part of the life. We get accustomed to the safe confines of our mundane routine, we need to push hard to give the best and make the world around us happy!

Till next time…Spread smiles and set new standards…


Inspirational preachings of Rajrishi Janaka which makes the #WomanInMe happiest

I usually have a practice to recite “Shri Ram Raksha Stotra and Hanuman Chalisa” before bed time and make my elder daughter to offer prayers before she goes to sleep. So, by this practice Ramayana characters all are known to her. A few days later one of the popular Hindi Television channel came up with the Mytholgical series of Ramayana from Sita’s perspective.
Most of us know Shri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Dasharatha the most popular characters of Ramayana. The lesser known character for me was Seerdhwaja Janaka(father of Sita) popularly  known as Rajarishi Janaka/King Janaka. He became the limelight for me with this TV series. The preaching he followed made me think “AWE” about him and the happier #WomanInMe.
a) He adopted Sita as his own daughter and made her never the know the fact until Vedic Philosopher Gargi let Sita know about her origin. He adopted girl baby and did not abandon and #SaveAGirlBaby mission was already in practice.

b) He did not follow gender bias and gave equal educational opportunities.

c) In his court both male and female Vedic philosophers were given equal opportunities.

d) He gave the right to take decisions to the women in his family and had consent with everyone to even the most sensitive topic like marriage.

e) And the last highlight which I would like to mention and which makes me the happiest is :He did not want to have a son as an heir to his legacy!!!



Are we doing our bit…?

With all the campaigns about clean India aired on TV/Radio channels….how many of us are working on it…? I know holding a broomstick and standing on the road and cleaning is not always practical…But, we can start our bit of clean mission from our home itself…
Many of the working class people who pay taxes will have to say, ” % of tax has been taken from our salary ..lets not worry ..we can throw bits of chocolate/snacks wraps on the road… Some other section of working class will have to say ..” We do not have good infrastructure..they’re not maintained well…”
Let us analyze why the infrastructure is not good …what is the reason….”POPULATION”.
As the job opportunities are high in metro cities, everybody tends to settle in the same metro city. What if the job opportunities are equally done throughout the state, not just concentrating on the capital/metro city. Few Multi-national companies are already into this, it will in turn help people to settle down with their family in their city instead moving to metro cities.
Going back to clean mission; main highlight is pollution and the reason is too many vehicles. My husband works for a IT company; his daily commute to office in his own vehicle is around 1.5 hours one way, this happens if he is very lucky. And if his days are bad then 2-2.5 hrs one way. So, at the end of the day he is very stressed and frustrated and less family time for him!
Finally, he thought of the solution as the office cab, which means very early morning hours for all of us. I must have his breakfast and lunch box ready by 6:15-6:30 in the morning. Initially, it was tough but it has become a routine! The window which I get of 30 minutes after hubby leaves to office, I go for a quick walk in the park. The woman in me is content as she gets to breathe the fresh air and smear the early rays of sun!! With the office cab as the solution; now he is back home by 7:00-7:30 evening and has good time with the family! The wife and the mother in me are content and we are doing our bit of contributing one less vehicle on the road and happy hours for us!!



My first "United" leather bag!!!

First ones always have special place in our heart!! May it be the first crush <3;  the feel of first ever raindrops on your face; first salary; first handbag (craze for handbags is like food for me!). So, handbag fits for me in the list…and hence the list goes on…
In my high school days, I had drawn a sketch of Shirdi Saibaba and since then I used to wish and pray to pay a visit to Shirdi!! Finally, after few years the day arrived,  dad planned the trip very well and got executed it too well!! It was a  road trip from Belgaum to Shirdi. No second thoughts about the trip being termed to me as the most cherished road trip till date. We paid a visit to Shirdi and all the nearby holy places! The trip was blissful and had stops for all the famous eat outs. The most talked about “saabudaana kichdi” at Shirdi and “ganne ka juice” on the way to Shani Signapur; then in Pune the “vadaa paav” and finally back in Belgaum relished  “misaal paav”!! One must wonder, if the road trip was strictly for food :D!   No guilt to accept the trip was totally devotional but food required very much to keep the trip totally devotional!!! So, after the rounds to all the holy places we were back in Belgaum where my dad stayed during his service. We had to start back to Bangalore but dad insisted to stay back and enjoy the Belgaum comforts and my mom’s native is Hubli and Belgaum being very close to Hubli. She knew almost every nook and corner for shopping in BelgaumBelgaum is known as a mini fashion hub and she wanted at the back of her mind to buy my first handbag from United Leathers store in Belgaum! United Leathers store is a famous leather goods store in Belgaum. I being a bag-o-holic and mom took me to the store, overwhelmed with the surprise; I bought my very first “handbag”. After that many handbags have come and gone but this remains special to me and will always have a place in my room. Ah, my first United Leather bag!! 🙂 


My Pre-schooler wants to turn sixteen!!

Yes…you read it right, my elder daughter Aisiri, who is hardly 3.6 years old wants to turn sixteen. Everyone dreams of being in the age group of sixteen and stay there forever! That’s the charm with the number “sixteen”! From past few days my elder daughter is fond of the number, all thanks to her teachers. Whenever she is on the dining table to finish her lunch/dinner, she waits until everybody finishes their food and then she happily says that she is sixteen today. I need to have creative ways to finish her food. So, this one way has made me easier to make her finish the food for the time being. But deep down as a parent, I have a fear as they grow-up this innocence of what she says as “sixteen” now will not stay the same when she actually turns sixteen!! Whatever it is, we need to accept the changes as they come along!!



P for Park, P for Proverb!

Incidents occur and people come in our life and leave a lasting experience. Few days back, a dear friend of mine told me “experience is the best teacher”!! This made me profound, as all relations get glossy with experience and everyday is a different struggle. How we handle struggle is by experience again!

Today, after many days of pamper, stepped outside for a stroll to the nearby park. These days stroll is far to imagination with a 8 month old infant and a pre-schooler. But this time as hubby was on a year-end vacation at home and lucky break for me from the usual routine and kids were still asleep! I packed myself and stepped out. As, I entered the park; all the park regulars greeted me with a big smile.  Meantime, I came across an uncle with his grandchild on a stroller. He had worn a shirt with the catchy quote written in bold italic. Usually per my observation, I have not seen any older generation wear dresses with quotes written! So, my eyes eagerly caught the quote on the uncle’s shirt. It wrote this catchy line  “Sometimes loneliness is better than a fake friend!!”

After two complete rounds of the park, I sat on a bench to contemplate the line. It holds true in many ways and to all generations. We fear loneliness but what if the people we trust are fake! Like as George Washington’s quote says: “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well-tried before you give them your confidence.” One last thing I want to add to this, which my dear friend told me during a late night chit-chat on the new year eve ” we should have friends who are 10 years younger to us and 10 years older to us; younger to know the latest trends and happenings and older to learn from their experiences!


Be positive and everything will be possible…