Incidents occur and people come in our life and leave a lasting experience. Few days back, a dear friend of mine told me “experience is the best teacher”!! This made me profound, as all relations get glossy with experience and everyday is a different struggle. How we handle struggle is by experience again!

Today, after many days of pamper, stepped outside for a stroll to the nearby park. These days stroll is far to imagination with a 8 month old infant and a pre-schooler. But this time as hubby was on a year-end vacation at home and lucky break for me from the usual routine and kids were still asleep! I packed myself and stepped out. As, I entered the park; all the park regulars greeted me with a big smile.  Meantime, I came across an uncle with his grandchild on a stroller. He had worn a shirt with the catchy quote written in bold italic. Usually per my observation, I have not seen any older generation wear dresses with quotes written! So, my eyes eagerly caught the quote on the uncle’s shirt. It wrote this catchy line  “Sometimes loneliness is better than a fake friend!!”

After two complete rounds of the park, I sat on a bench to contemplate the line. It holds true in many ways and to all generations. We fear loneliness but what if the people we trust are fake! Like as George Washington’s quote says: “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well-tried before you give them your confidence.” One last thing I want to add to this, which my dear friend told me during a late night chit-chat on the new year eve ” we should have friends who are 10 years younger to us and 10 years older to us; younger to know the latest trends and happenings and older to learn from their experiences!



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