First ones always have special place in our heart!! May it be the first crush <3;  the feel of first ever raindrops on your face; first salary; first handbag (craze for handbags is like food for me!). So, handbag fits for me in the list…and hence the list goes on…
In my high school days, I had drawn a sketch of Shirdi Saibaba and since then I used to wish and pray to pay a visit to Shirdi!! Finally, after few years the day arrived,  dad planned the trip very well and got executed it too well!! It was a  road trip from Belgaum to Shirdi. No second thoughts about the trip being termed to me as the most cherished road trip till date. We paid a visit to Shirdi and all the nearby holy places! The trip was blissful and had stops for all the famous eat outs. The most talked about “saabudaana kichdi” at Shirdi and “ganne ka juice” on the way to Shani Signapur; then in Pune the “vadaa paav” and finally back in Belgaum relished  “misaal paav”!! One must wonder, if the road trip was strictly for food :D!   No guilt to accept the trip was totally devotional but food required very much to keep the trip totally devotional!!! So, after the rounds to all the holy places we were back in Belgaum where my dad stayed during his service. We had to start back to Bangalore but dad insisted to stay back and enjoy the Belgaum comforts and my mom’s native is Hubli and Belgaum being very close to Hubli. She knew almost every nook and corner for shopping in BelgaumBelgaum is known as a mini fashion hub and she wanted at the back of her mind to buy my first handbag from United Leathers store in Belgaum! United Leathers store is a famous leather goods store in Belgaum. I being a bag-o-holic and mom took me to the store, overwhelmed with the surprise; I bought my very first “handbag”. After that many handbags have come and gone but this remains special to me and will always have a place in my room. Ah, my first United Leather bag!! 🙂 



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