With all the campaigns about clean India aired on TV/Radio channels….how many of us are working on it…? I know holding a broomstick and standing on the road and cleaning is not always practical…But, we can start our bit of clean mission from our home itself…
Many of the working class people who pay taxes will have to say, ” % of tax has been taken from our salary ..lets not worry ..we can throw bits of chocolate/snacks wraps on the road… Some other section of working class will have to say ..” We do not have good infrastructure..they’re not maintained well…”
Let us analyze why the infrastructure is not good …what is the reason….”POPULATION”.
As the job opportunities are high in metro cities, everybody tends to settle in the same metro city. What if the job opportunities are equally done throughout the state, not just concentrating on the capital/metro city. Few Multi-national companies are already into this, it will in turn help people to settle down with their family in their city instead moving to metro cities.
Going back to clean mission; main highlight is pollution and the reason is too many vehicles. My husband works for a IT company; his daily commute to office in his own vehicle is around 1.5 hours one way, this happens if he is very lucky. And if his days are bad then 2-2.5 hrs one way. So, at the end of the day he is very stressed and frustrated and less family time for him!
Finally, he thought of the solution as the office cab, which means very early morning hours for all of us. I must have his breakfast and lunch box ready by 6:15-6:30 in the morning. Initially, it was tough but it has become a routine! The window which I get of 30 minutes after hubby leaves to office, I go for a quick walk in the park. The woman in me is content as she gets to breathe the fresh air and smear the early rays of sun!! With the office cab as the solution; now he is back home by 7:00-7:30 evening and has good time with the family! The wife and the mother in me are content and we are doing our bit of contributing one less vehicle on the road and happy hours for us!!



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