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All the planetary objects have to evolve and revolve for the life to prosper. Without change, there is no possibility of living life to the fullest.

A wandering soul enjoys its freedom and as God destined, comes into the womb for a new life to flourish.

My life inside the womb accustomed with the warmth of my mother; it was time, I had to come to face the BIG world.

I grew in the confines of mother’s arms as a shy introvert kid; it was time, to join school.

I grew in the confines of my beloved books and a few treasured friends; it was time, to explore the BIG world and earn my living!

I grew, my earning was good and treasured immensely the bachelor life; it was time, marriage was on my cards.

I grew, flew to the States; left parents with gloomy eyes.

I grew, had an earning in “The States”,  imbued in the happiness; it was time,a sense of void settled. I wanted to move to my state and adieu “The States”.

I grew, I’m the Mother, the entire encyclopedia for my kids. It is time, I need to enhance my identity not only as a mother but as the “working” mother!

Change is a part of the life. We get accustomed to the safe confines of our mundane routine, we need to push hard to give the best and make the world around us happy!

Till next time…Spread smiles and set new standards…



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