The magnificent view of tulip Gardens from the movie Silsila, mustard fields from the movie DDLJ and many more Bollywood movies have enthralled us with colors. Mother Earth, the sun, the moon, the sky bestows with an abundance of natural colors; even the grass sums up to the glamor. Colors, for me, is a refreshment to the mind. Just imagine a life without colors? It is difficult to just have a thought and imagination is way far!!
I, always treasure my fabulous birthday celebration in New Hampshire in the USA way back in Autumn 2008. Autumn season in New Hampshire is an epitome of its beauty; color capped mountains made me wonderstruck! The yellow, red, pink and orange-colored leaves give a different definition of natural beauty in autumn. We had a 4 days trip to Concord in New Hampshire and had the privilege to capture the captive beauty within ourselves.

Glimpses of the charmer:IMG_2242-COLLAGE

I, adore the sky on an early bright sunny day, pleasant to the eyes and gives a message to dive thyself and forget all the qualms. And the cotton like clouds here and there enhance the sky’s beauty. They seem like cotton candy and form a story for each formation of the clouds. The same blue sky as the sun sets; the twilight is a treat to the eyes. I, personally love the sight of the twilight. And yes, not to miss out the delightful dark blue sky in the night with the white twinkling stars.

Vibrant colors like red energize one’s mind. Kumkum(made of dried turmeric powder and other materials) is red, a religious mark in India. Devotees praise Hindu deities with red kumkum. Married women in Hindu culture wear on their forehead.
Green is mother nature and good for eyes. With the onset of closed room jobs, doctors recommend to look out for green for healthier eyes. A fresh bloom of leaves in spring is a treat to watch. Leaves wither out and bloom with the new hope in life.The pleasure of morning walk with a lot of trees is so blissful very hard to find one in a city like Bengaluru. My personal favorite color is green. I always end up with a green dress of different shades. Green bangles are worn by the married woman as it amplifies the beauty.

Yellow, turmeric is yellow. Indian meals are never complete without turmeric usage. Turmeric is deep yellow and boosts the meal with good color and medicinal value. Ripe Mango is a present to the taste buds and to the eyes.

White is a sober color but gives an immense message and preaches for peace. Our political leaders are always dressed in white(sarcasm hidden)!

Black is lovely. Doctors advise avoiding black during summers. Black is a favorite color for weight watchers.It enhances the beauty of the person and makes them look elegant and slim. Some religions avoid black as it indicates bad omen.

Not to forget, India’s most observed Holi festival, is full of colors. People blend in all colors to symbolize all are equal.


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