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Amma, I have my pair of keys…you can come whenever you get free from your religious gathering. As usual, I took my kids to the nearby playground with my pair of keys. Kids enjoy in the sand and I have a good dose of chat with my friends. Almost every day, I wait for the evening hours as a stress buster to speak my heart out with my friends.

It was getting dark and our chat time was done and we had to return back home. I with my kids were humming the chirpings of the bird and headed towards home. Finally, we were at our gate and made our way upstairs to open the door. Amma had already called and told she’ll be late at the gathering. So, it was only me and the kids; I turned the key and stepped in. What I saw…. was all usual, nothing seemed upside down as I always expect whenever I open the door… 🙂 I switched on the lights and helped the kids with water and sat on the couch.

After two minutes of resting on the couch, we headed to the room and my cupboard was slightly open. I always keep it slightly open. So, I did not feel anything unusual. I took two seconds to breathe and then before I could blink my eyes, I just saw a flash of a white object just pass within microseconds. I experienced the shiver throughout my body!! Screamed at the top of my voice; to my rescue, nobody was at home. It was only me with kids. I was myself scared to the depth and I was unable to console my elder kid who is 5 years old. The white flash which just moved was “the CAT”. I know many of you might think it as silly. But I have a phobia towards animals and was terribly petrified. By the grace of God, the cat had found its way out. Two days later, I got to know that it had given birth to 4 kittens. Ah, then I realized it was here to find a cozy place to give birth!… I thanked God for it and from next time whenever I head out…I double check my cupboards and the windows and doors… :))



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