An unscheduled off from school; this is what troubles the present day mommies a lot. How do I engage my kid.. ? Our routine of school-home was all in synch but now; how to handle double tantrums of a pre-schooler and a toddler..?

So, my mission was to engage ourselves. My elder daughter usually carries a handy bag and she must have something inside it. It can be a book or fancy clips anything which can fit into her bag. And the items and bags keep changing on a daily basis.  She opened the bag and there I got hold of the small pocket-sized prayer book. The book was specially designed for kids to learn and identify deities with good images. We flipped a few pages, drawing was the first thing which came to my mind and the best to do with a pre-schooler! We both sat with few sheets of paper. She had her own fun-time scribbling away to glory and I came across the divine enchanting image of Goddess Durga. I started sketching the captivating image of Goddess Durga.  I had the best utilization of time in sketching the captivating beauty.



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